Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gay Pride, and Wesboro Babtist Church!

Ok, I know that is this a bike blog, but check this shit out.
So I went to the Fort Lauderdale Gay Pride, and as we were pulling in, GUESS WHO was greating us as we were coming in? The "GOD HATES FAGS" assholes from the Wesboro Baptist Church. Now, if non you out there have ever heard of these loonies, you would be discusted to know what these people do and say.
Not just to people from the G.L.B.T. community, but to pretty much everyone.
These people are so fucking sick, that it really is like looking into the eyes of evil when you see how these people act.
I have been out and proud for most of my life. I could care less if you approve of my life or not. But it makes me so sick to know that these assholes can go to these events that are all about celebrating, and attempt to fuck it all up, and hurt people the way they do.
When it comes to these people, even if you dont approve of gay life, one cannot help but to feel something for the people that are being so verbally abused by these people.
For me, and by crew, this didnt phase me at all. But things like this actually makes WANT to by a Hummer.......So I could mow these motherfuckers DOWN!!!!

Project: Schwinn Le Tour 3

This is by far the fastest build I have ever done. I bought this bike in a yard sale this morning for $30.00. By 3pm, the bike is almost done as you can see in the pictures. I still need to do some final touches like the pedals, and a good cleaning.
So here are some pics from the build, hope you like it!

Monday, February 23, 2009

New and Old Projects

So I know I havent posted in some time. But I have been so busy with things that believe it or not, the internet has been something that I simply didnt have time for......arg. But, I would like to give some news when it comes to the bikes I have been working on.
Currently, I handed away the Chubei to a nice girl that wanted a project to work on. The bike was sized to fit her perfectly, and she was very happy with it. I wish her the best of luck on her new project.
I did in the other hand, come across a lucky find. Now, If you read this blog, you will know that Hybrid bikes are one of the types I like to work with simply because for me, the ride is much better. So while out and about, I came across a Peugeot US Express hybrid frame in a dumpster new where I hang out for java. I quickly pulled the frame out, and ran home with my coffee buzz and started to strip it. Its not in bad shape, and it will be a fun project to work on. For some reason, I really enjoy building up Hybrid2FIX.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Project consideration: Chubei

A friend of mine gave me this bike, because he was too swamped with projects as well. So not sure if I should work on it right away, or just put it on the side for later on. The bike is about a 56cm, so it is too bike for me to ride. So gonna have to think about it, or find a but that would like it as a finished project.

New Project Vista Carrera 7!

Funny, the same day I finished the Schwinn Mesa Runner, I went out to find a couple of things at the local Flea Market. I came across this Vista Carrera 7 for sale ( what is it with me a red bikes? ). I was able get this bike for a simple $20.00. So keep in touch for more details!